Mike Monson - The Teaching Juggler
Have a ball with Mike, the Teaching Juggler!
For a lively, interactive program, your group is certain to "have a ball" with Mike Monson!

Mike combines the art of balancing, juggling and spinning for a presentation that kids of all ages thoroughly enjoy. And what's more, as a teaching juggler, Mike always provides ample time for every child to try a little hands-on creativity.

Mike has spent over 30 years teaching children, grades K-12.
He has taken his fun program to:
                      childcare programs
                             after-school programs
                                   business parties
                                          basketball half-time entertainment

At every event, kids (and adults!) get to try their hand at equipment including basketballs, hula hoops, juggling scarves, pogo sticks, balance boards, stilts, jump ropes, frisbees, etc.

Mike's program can be tailored to fit your needs, from small groups to large, indoors or out, private events to community groups.

If you're looking for a unique, interactive and entertaining program, Mike "The Teaching Juggler" fits the bill.
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